Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

The Stages of Growing Corn

May 2, 2012Crops


Stage 1: Before farmers plant the corn, they first prepare the soil by doing tillage and fertilizing.

Stage 2: As soon as the weather is warm and the ground is dry, farmers begin to plant the corn.

Stage 3: In a couple of weeks, the corn seeds begin to sprout and form green rows in fields.

Stage 4: Within a month and a half, the corn plants are about knee high in size.

Stage 5: By the end of July, the corn plants have produced tassels and ears have formed.

Stage 6: In August, kernels on the ears begin to harden and the corn plant begins to dry down.

Stage 7: The corn plants begin turning a brownish color and the kernel moisture begins to drop in September.

Stage 8: Once October arrives, it is time to harvest the corn crop!

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