Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

“Do we get strawberry milk from strawberry cows?"

May 14, 2012Dairy, Farmers and Ranchers, General Ag

One of my favorite things about telling kids about dairy cows is the questions that usually come after! There is always this mischievous look in their eyes as they contemplate asking their question. Kind of the same look they would get after hiding something that they just broke.  Goodness knows that my parents have seen that look before a few times.

Every year, my family hosts tours for kids at our dairy farm, Beauty View Farm.  We recently held tours for a group of 280 grade school kids from around our area and boy was that an experience! My dad and I took them on a tour of the farm, through the milking parlor, pens of baby calves, and the feed shed. Then at the very end we open it up for questions, I’m telling you now that nothing can prepare you for the questions that these kids are getting ready to ask.  

“Those white things that they stand in, are those their tanning beds?”

“How do you train your cows not to eat their own poop?”

“If we get chocolate milk from chocolate cows do we get strawberry milk from strawberry cows? How come you don’t have any of those?”

“Why are your cows dirty? Don’t you give them baths every day?”

I always laugh after they’re gone, but at the same time it really worries me. We obviously aren’t telling our story very well to some of this generation if the only thing they know about cows they learned from Farmville on Facebook. To think that they see a big version of their dog when they see a cow is a scary thought. But this is easy enough to fix by just taking the time to explain things to them.

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