Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Feedin' What You're Flippin'

April 17, 2013Crops

Nebraska soybean farmers play a vital role in getting dinner on your family’s table, although you might not always see it. In fact, this diverse miracle crop has found its way into more items than you likely realize. The makeup of a soybean is relatively simple, having only two major components – soybean meal and soybean oil. Both meal and oil find their way to your dinner tables in various forms and fashions.

Soybean oil is used mainly in dressings and margarines and for cooking. Did you know that when you buy vegetable oil at the grocery store, you are likely buying soybean oil?

Fun Fact: Dorothy Lynch salad dressing, which is made in Columbus, is the largest user of soybean oil in the State of Nebraska.

Soybean meal makes up roughly 80 percent of each soybean and is packed with protein. This meal is used primarily as feed for animal agriculture, both at home and abroad. In fact, 98 percent of all soybean meal is used to feed hungry poultry, and livestock around the globe.

In a 2009 study released by the United Soybean Board, Nebraska ranked 15th in soybean meal usage, consuming 735,000 tons. Animal agriculture adds real value to the state of Nebraska. In 2009, animal agriculture produced over $12 billion in economic output in Nebraska and contributed nearly $840 million in tax revenue. Animal agriculture also directly employed more than 78,000 Nebraskans

The meal from 2.7 billion bushels of soybeans goes to feeding the world’s livestock and poultry, meaning the work of soybean farmers is helping to raise the meat, milk and eggs that end up on your dinner table. Nebraska soybean farmers work hard to bring you the delicious and nutritious products that you all know and love, or in short, Nebraska soybean farmers are feedin’ what you’re flippin’.