Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Tasty Ways to Use this Nebraska Product to Begin the Day

May 21, 2013Poultry

/ photo courtesy of National Egg Board

Did you know that Lt. Gov. Lavon Heidemann has declared that May is Egg Month in the beautiful State of Nebraska?

To mark this designation, the Poultry and Egg Division of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture issued a press release on May 1 stating some pertinent facts about eggs. It was well worth reading because I learned how much the egg industry contributes to Nebraska’s economy with 9.2 million birds on farms across our state that produce more than 2 billion eggs every year. These are very busy hens and each one of their eggs is a nutritional powerhouse full of high quality protein and 13 essential vitamins and minerals.

The press release also encouraged me to visit and make a pledge to help fight childhood hunger. For every pledge made, egg farmers will donate 1 egg to Feeding America. The press release stated that since 2009, egg farmers have donated more than 38 million eggs to end childhood hunger. When I visited the website there were almost 48 million eggs on the donation tally.

I challenge all of you to visit the website for a brief tutorial explaining ways you can help end hunger in our state and country and then pledge to do just that. This non-monetary pledge will increase awareness of what we can do in our local communities to help advance this worthy endeavor.

I am an egg lover and I always keep an extra dozen or two in my downstairs refrigerator. I know I can always feed my family or an unexpected guest or two a wonderful meal if I have eggs on hand.

The American Egg Board suggests the following recipes that are delicious and simple ways to incorporate the nutrition of eggs into wonderful dishes that your family will enjoy. Make them with gratitude to the Nebraska farmers and hens who bring eggs to our markets and dining tables.

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