Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

The Luckey Family’s Passion for Pork

February 25, 2015Farmers and Ranchers, Pork

By Bill Luckey, Farmer

Columbus, Nebraska

You can walk through a grocery store and find pork products behind the butcher counter, packaged fresh pork and frozen pork, but where does it all come from. There is a very good possibility that this pork came from a family farm in Nebraska like my family farm, located near Columbus.

Our farm is a fourth generation farm run by myself, Bill Luckey, my wife Nancy and our four sons. Michael and I raise pigs, while Lucas raises cattle. Kyle and Ryan work off the farm, but Kyle does our machine maintenance, while Ryan helps with harvest. To help our sons come back to the farm, we have rented barns from retired pig farmers. Recently we have built new barns instead of repairing the older rented barns to improve air and environmental qualities for both the pigs and ourselves.

Raising pigs is a very rewarding profession. It is also demanding because our livestock depends on us daily for feed and water. Plus, it is our responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable environment to keep our pigs healthy. We provide a safe and comfortable environment by raising our pigs indoors which helps keep them clean, protects them from Nebraska weather and away from predators. We also care for the animals’ well-being by being in the pens with the pigs daily to make sure they are healthy and comfortable.

As a family and as farmers, we are proud to provide safe and affordable pork to Nebraskans and the world. Plus, like most consumers, we too buy our pork from the grocery store knowing that we can trust other farmers to take care of their pigs with the same passion, knowledge and respect that we do. We also appreciate that the meat is all USDA inspected and is traceable by the plants for the safety of all the consumers.