Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Nebraska Beef Production

Even before research showed that unstressed cattle produce higher quality beef for the grocery store, Nebraska cattle farmers led the way in conscientious, careful handling of animals. Nebraska farmers have always believed that they have a personal responsibility to care for their cattle in a way that fosters animal well-being and welfare.

Anne Burkholder
Will-Feed, Inc
Cozad, Nebraska

See How a Holistic Feedyard is Managed

Anne Burkholder was a city kid – born and bred. She left her city roots behind when she married into the Burkholder family, a long-established farming family in western Nebraska. She, husband Matt and their three daughters live near the original Burkholder homestead and close to the feedyard the family owns and Anne manages.

Anne didn’t know much about cattle when she decided to become involved in the family business, but long-time Will-Feed manager Archie Curtice taught her the ropes. It wasn’t long before she was making a name for herself among cattle farmers because of her innovative animal handling practices. She feels she has a personal responsibility to make sure her cattle flourish. To do that she takes a holistic approach by caring for the physical, mental and emotional needs of her animals.

The Burkholders are accustomed to making sacrifices to meet the daily physical needs of the cattle. Even the youngest member of the family knows that nothing is more important than feeding time at the feedyard.

Her interest in the psychology of animals allows Anne to produce high quality beef from cattle that are handled correctly, calmly and with respect.