Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

The Nebraska Pork Farmer

"Take good care of your animals and they'll take good care of you" is a guiding principle of Nebraska farmers. Nebraska farmers have a legacy of responsible stewardship of the land and their livestock, making them a leading provider of food the world over.

Bart and Jeff Beattie
Hamlot, Inc
Sumner, Nebraska

Visit a Fifth Generation Family Farm

George Beattie settled his farm near Sumner, Nebraska, in 1906. Today, the farm is in the hands of father and son, Jeff and Bart Beattie. This generation - fourth and fifth - run the hog farm according to the values and traditions passed down from great-grandfather and grandfather. Bart and wife Shana are passing these same values along to their children.

Bart Beattie considers it a blessing to be able to care for the land and his animals. That's the essence of why Nebraska farmers continue to lead the world in agriculture. Get to know these true Nebraska pork farmers, and learn how they feel about what they do.

"Inc. is in our name, but it's a family farm."

As most of Nebraska farms are, the Beatties' operation is a family affair. Much of the food for the animals is harvested from the Beatties' own fields. And as most Nebraska farmers are, the Beatties are very progressive in how they run their operation. The Beatties built temperature controlled barns to keep the pigs comfortable despite Nebraska's weather extremes, and designed the barns for animal safety. They are but two examples of evolving practices that are driven to protect the well-being of the animals on the Beatties' farm.