Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska

The Nebraska Poultry Farmer

Incorporating the latest production techniques ensures that Nebraska egg farmers generate a safe, healthful product for consumers. These same techniques and practices provide an environment where chickens are protected from climate extremes and receive the highest quality nutrition and care.

Jerry Tekolste, Rod Tekolste, Garry Heetdeerks – Owners
Earl Latshaw – Manager

Sunny Side Farms
Firth, Nebraska

Sunny Side Farms might be a larger egg production facility than most – 810,000 layers – but the owners/operators see it as a farm much like the ones they grew up on. Owner Jerry Tekolste says, “The way we do things here is a lot like the way we did things at home when we were kids. Our values and traditions are the same.”

Earl Latshaw, manager, believes Sunny Side Farms does a good job of taking care of the hens. “If we don’t take good care of them, if they aren’t comfortable in their environment and happy with their surroundings, they aren’t going to produce eggs. They’re not going to be good to us if we’re not good to them.”

The owners of Sunny Side Farms are working owners. They – and their families – do whatever it takes to get the job done. According to Jerry, in the early days of Sunny Side Farms (1997), they would be at the farm every morning taking care of the birds, making sure they had enough water and feed.

Rod and Garry agree that Sunny Side Farms came to be because of a great deal of hard work and effort. But that’s not all. It also took the strong bond of three dedicated and loyal partners.