AFAN Announces its Individualized One-on-One Resource for Ag Producers Considering Expansion or Relocation

AFAN is making an enhanced resource available to agriculture producers who are considering expanding or relocating their livestock operations in Nebraska. This service provides individualized help that walks producers through the many, often complicated, steps required to gain approvals for moving or expanding their operations by connecting the producer with the organizations and resources to accomplish their goals.

One-on-One, headed by Will Keech, AFAN’s Director of Livestock Development, provides person-to-person assistance navigating a range of critical issues.  Keech will help you navigate Nebraska’s state and county regulations, such as zoning restrictions, which often vary from state to state and county to county.

Will Keech
William KeechDirector of Livestock Development

AFAN can assist you throughout the process, from opening discussions to the necessary paperwork. AFAN can offer guidance on site selection, financing, and construction. Keech will help you open lines of communication with state agencies, agriculture groups, and the communities in which you are interested in building. And AFAN can be an advocate for producers throughout the entire county planning/zoning approval process.

“One-on-One draws upon AFAN’s network of partners and specialized resources to provide this individualized support,” says Kristen Hassebrook, AFAN’s Executive Director. “Will Keech provides the upfront expertise in this process and helps producers connect with the right research, financial, and legal experts to help them navigate successfully through the approval process.”

Producers interested in setting up a One-on-One consultation for their operations are to contact Will Keech at 402-326-8232 or at