Livestock farmers and ranchers bring more to the table than what’s on your plate. They are investing in our state. That’s why we have deemed October as Community Development month in Nebraska. We’ve been on the road to Sioux City, Columbus, York, Kearney and Grand Island to work with local economic development boards to explore their needs and brainstorm ways to expand animal agriculture in our state.


Our research tells the story that many already know – investing in animal agriculture is an investment in community vitality. The animal agriculture industry is an invested business in each community and is a profitable and viable economic contributor.

As an economic contributor and foundational community member, animal agriculture should be considered a viable and attractive option as zoning and planning continues in Nebraska counties.

farmers & ranchers deliverAs one of the top livestock producing states, Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers provide measurable contributions to our communities. There’s value in every new chicken (and pig and cow and egg, too) – both in the barn and in the community.

Annually, Nebraska’s animal agriculture industry contributes:

$18.5 billion in economic output
$1.3 billion in tax receipts
$3 billion in household income
77,329 jobs
Livestock expansion = growing communities
Nebraska is also a top producer of corn and soybeans, two essentials of livestock feed. So it makes sense that farmers and ranchers would start or expand livestock operations close to these valuable inputs. Learn more here. And read the 2010 Economic Impact of the Nebraska Agricultural Production Complex study here.

Animal agriculture is more than juicy bacon-topped cheeseburgers. It’s an investment in community vitality! Contact AFAN today to discuss how to further livestock expansion in your county.

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