Hundreds of Tailgaters Enjoy Free Breakfast, Conversation with Nebraska Farmers at the “Game Day Approved Tailgate Party” September 21

Pleasant late summer weather, the feel of college football in the air, and the promise of a free breakfast drew over 300 hungry people to the official “Game Day Approved Tailgate Party with Nebraska Farmers and Ranchers” Saturday, September 21. Russ’s Market at 33rd and Highway 2 hosted the event.

The tailgate breakfast, organized by the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (AFAN), provided an opportunity for consumers to visit with the state’s farmers and ranchers about how they produce our food and care for their animals and land in a safe, sustainable way.

Tailgaters were invited to visit information booths staffed by farm organizations to learn more about Nebraska agriculture. Each attendee received a “Farm Land” card they were to get stamped at each booth they visited. Those who got their cards stamped at every booth could return their cards to the AFAN booth to receive a Russ’s Market $5 OFF $50 couponfor use at the store, and were entered in the drawing for the grand prize. Heather Osnes of Lincoln was the grand prize winner, a Nebraska Agriculture gift basket filled with products provided by agriculture commodity organizations and the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation, and a $50 Russ’s Market gift card.

Tailgater Heather Osnes of Lincoln won the drawing for the grand prize, a gift basket filled with products provided by agriculture commodity organizations and the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation, plus a $50 Russ’s Market gift card. 

“The event combined fun, a good breakfast and a chance for consumers to talk to farmers and ranchers about how their food is produced,” said Steve Martin, executive director of AFAN, “and to clarify such hot button topics as the use of GMOs, herbicides and antibiotics in row crop and livestock production. Thanks to our producers and tailgaters who made this a great event.”

Tailgaters took advantage of the opportunity to talk directly to food producers about the importance of agriculture to the state.

“It was a fun, interactive and I learned a lot about Nebraska agriculture,” said Caren Hansen of Lincoln. “I learned that we are responsible for a lot more ethanol that I realized, and about the global role that Nebraska has in our world.”

Farm organizations staffed information booths to answer tailgaters’ questions about food production in Nebraska and to promote their products. Here, a line forms at the Nebraska Pork Producers Association booth.

“Game Day Approved Tailgate Party” sponsors included the Nebraska Pork Producers Association; Nebraska Poultry Industries; AFAN; Nebraska Corn Board; Nebraska Soybean Board; Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation; Nebraska Wheat Growers Association; CommonGround Nebraska; Nebraska Cattlemen; Midwest Dairy; Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board; the Nebraska Hop Growers Association; and Russ’s Market.