Moratorium Wrong Step for Nebraska Livestock Sector

Agriculture is the backbone of Nebraska’s economy and adding value to commodities creates opportunities for all Nebraskans.  Whether it is creative partnerships, contract production of seed corn, or niche markets, all of these business options provide opportunity for growth in agriculture.

“Growing the livestock industry in Nebraska is critically important to our state,” said Steve Martin, Executive Director of AFAN. “Organizations opposed to livestock on the local, state and national level are undercutting the very fabric of Nebraska’s economic foundation.  Agriculture is the backbone of Nebraska’s economy and adding value to commodities by growing the livestock industry creates opportunities for all Nebraskans.”

Livestock operations are regulated and permitted by local and state regulations.  The local regulations address where a livestock operation can build in the county and the state regulations through the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) ensure that the operation does not impact waters of the state.  Operations must report annually to NDEE to stay in compliance.

“Livestock production creates opportunities to use local grain to feed local livestock,” said Lori Luebbe, Executive Director of the Nebraska Soybean Association and chair of the AFAN board.  “By using our grain in the state, we improve demand and price for the local farmer.”

Nebraska has great natural resources of climate, soil, water and people to continue to grow the livestock and agriculture industry.  Governed by good regulations the state has many opportunities to continue growing our ag industry which provides jobs and taxes that pay for schools, roads and services that all Nebraskans can enjoy.